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SummaryMattermost is an open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative
DescriptionAs an alternative to proprietary SaaS messaging, Mattermost brings all your team communication into one place, making it searchable and accessible anywhere. It’s written in Golang and React and runs as a production-ready Linux binary under an MIT license with either MySQL or Postgres. Mattermost is: - Slack-compatible, not Slack-limited – Mattermost features rival Slack features, and support a superset of Slack’s incoming and outgoing webhook integrations, including compatibility with existing Slack integrations. From your existing Slack teams, you can import users, public channel history and even theme setting colors into Mattermost. - Mobile and desktop apps, in addition to web – Use Mattermost from your iOS or Android phones and tablets or with installed apps on Windows, Linux and Mac. - Easy to deploy, manage, and upgrade – Mattermost runs as Linux binary, Docker image, and many other forms. Try Mattermost with a one-line Docker install, and many install guides are available. Improvements ship monthly. - Supported by a vibrant community – Use Mattermost with dozens of community integrations and applications, including Jira, IRC, XMPP, Hubot, Giphy, Jenkins, GitLab, Trac, Redmine, SVN, RSS/Atom and many others. Build and share your own apps using Mattermost APIs and drivers.
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StartedThu, 04 Aug 2016 13:48:39 EDT
CompletedThu, 04 Aug 2016 14:06:09 EDT
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Changelog * Thu Aug 04 2016 Alexander Pavel <anp120@jla.rutgers.edu> - 2016Aug3-3 - Fix postgres dependency * Thu Aug 04 2016 Alexander Pavel <anp120@jla.rutgers.edu> - 2016Aug3-2 - Include bin/platform (which is not it dist folder for some reason) - Set attributes for files - Add mattermost service - Add mattermost nginx conf - Add mattermost user - Add mattermost shell script in /usr/bin - Add nginx and postgresql dependencies * Wed Aug 03 2016 Alexander Pavel <anp120@jla.rutgers.edu> - 2016Aug3-1 - Make git version - Build from source - Enable ldap for internal testing purposes * Fri Jul 15 2016 Derek Maciel <dam402@nbcs.rutgers.edu> - 3.1.0-1 - Initial build for Rutgers CentOS 7