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Information for build phabricator-16.3.12-1.ru6

Package Namephabricator
SummaryOpen source code review software
DescriptionThis package is a versioned "snapshot" of phabricator meant for use within Rutgers University. NOTE: The version number refers to the date when the last "snapshot" was downloaded from git. i.e. version 15.5.27 refers to the "snapshot" downloaded on May 27th 2015 (5/27/2015)
Built byjamchamb
State complete
StartedMon, 14 Mar 2016 19:52:36 EDT
CompletedMon, 14 Mar 2016 19:55:40 EDT
Taskbuild (centos6-rutgers-staging, phabricator-16.3.12-1.ru6.src.rpm)
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Changelog * Mon Mar 14 2016 James Chambers <jamchamb@nbcs.rutgers.edu> 16.3.12-1.ru6 - Upgrade to the latest release * Wed Jan 27 2016 Derek Maciel <dam402@nbcs.rutgers.edu> 16.1.27-1.ru6 - Version bump * Wed May 27 2015 Kaitlin Poskaitis <katiepru@nbcs.rutgers.edu> 15.5.27-1.ru6 - Version bump - Removing pre and post linking * Fri Jan 16 2015 Jungsoo Park <jp1326@nbcs.rutgers.edu> 15-10-16-1.ru6 - Upgraded to the latest release. - Separated arcanist and libphutil from this package and made them into separate dependencies. * Fri Sep 12 2014 Kyle Suarez <kds124@nbcs.rutgers.edu> 14-9-12-1.ru6 - Upgrade to the latest release * Mon May 05 2014 Aedan Dispenza <ad778@nbcs.rutgers.edu> 14.5.5-1.ru6 - Fixed dir name errors when extracting dependencies. * Fri May 02 2014 Aedan Dispenza <ad778@nbcs.rutgers.edu> 14.4.30-2.ru6 - Fixing weird php requirements. * Tue Apr 29 2014 Aedan Dispenza <ad778@nbcs.rutgers.edu> 14.4.25-1.ru6 - Initial build.