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Package Nameperl-WWW-RobotRules
SummaryWWW-RobotRules - database of robots.txt-derived permissions
DescriptionThis module parses /robots.txt files as specified in "A Standard for Robot Exclusion", at <> Webmasters can use the /robots.txt file to forbid conforming robots from accessing parts of their web site. The parsed files are kept in a WWW::RobotRules object, and this object provides methods to check if access to a given URL is prohibited. The same WWW::RobotRules object can be used for one or more parsed /robots.txt files on any number of hosts. The following methods are provided: =over 4 =item $rules = WWW::RobotRules->new($robot_name) This is the constructor for WWW::RobotRules objects. The first argument given to new() is the name of the robot. =item $rules->parse($robot_txt_url, $content, $fresh_until) The parse() method takes as arguments the URL that was used to retrieve the /robots.txt file, and the contents of the file. =item $rules->allowed($uri) Returns TRUE if this robot is allowed to retrieve this URL. =item $rules->agent([$name]) Get/set the agent name. NOTE: Changing the agent name will clear the robots.txt rules and expire times out of the cache. =back
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