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Package Nameperl-Test-LeakTrace
SummaryTraces memory leaks
Description'Test::LeakTrace' provides several functions that trace memory leaks. This module scans arenas, the memory allocation system, so it can detect any leaked SVs in given blocks. *Leaked SVs* are SVs which are not released after the end of the scope they have been created. These SVs include global variables and internal caches. For example, if you call a method in a tracing block, perl might prepare a cache for the method. Thus, to trace true leaks, 'no_leaks_ok()' and 'leaks_cmp_ok()' executes a block more than once.
Built byjmatth
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StartedWed, 11 Feb 2015 11:28:14 EST
CompletedWed, 11 Feb 2015 11:31:55 EST
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Changelog * Wed Nov 17 2010 Paul Howarth <> - 0.13-1 - update to 0.13 - use ">= 0", instead of "== 0" for no_leaks_ok() - add count_sv() to count all the SVs in a perl interpreter - fix tests broken for some perls in 0.12 * Wed Nov 17 2010 Paul Howarth <> - 0.11-1 - update to 0.11 (#654301) - fix false-positive related to XS code (CPAN RT #58133) * Sun Apr 04 2010 Chris Weyl <> 0.10-1 - specfile by Fedora::App::MaintainerTools 0.006