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Package Nameperl-Module-Versions-Report
SummaryModule-Versions-Report - report versions of all modules in memory
DescriptionI often get email from someone reporting a bug in a module I've written. I email back, asking what version of the module it is, what version of Perl on what OS, and sometimes what version of some relevent third library (like XML::Parser). They reply, saying "Perl 5". I say "I need the exact version, as reported by `perl -v'". They tell me. And I say "I, uh, also asked about the version of my module and XML::Parser [or whatever]". They say "Oh yeah. It's 2.27". "Is that my module or XML::Parser?" "XML::Parser." "OK, and what about my module's version?" "Ohyeah. That's 3.11." By this time, days have passed, and what should have been a simple operation -- reporting the version of Perl and relevent modules, has been needlessly complicated. This module is for simplifying that task. If you add "use Module::Versions::Report;" to a program (especially handy if your program is one that demonstrates a bug in some module), then when the program has finished running, you well get a report detailing the all modules in memory, and noting the version of each (for modules that defined a `$VERSION', at least).
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