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Package Namelogrotate
Summaryrotates, compresses, and mails system logs
DescriptionThe logrotate utility is designed to simplify the administration of log files on a system which generates a lot of log files. Logrotate allows for the automatic rotation compression, removal and mailing of log files. Logrotate can be set to handle a log file daily, weekly, monthly or when the log file gets to a certain size. Normally, logrotate runs as a daily cron job. Install the logrotate package if you need a utility to deal with the log files on your system.
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StartedFri, 19 Jul 2013 13:06:08 EDT
CompletedFri, 19 Jul 2013 13:09:02 EDT
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Changelog * Fri Jul 19 2013 Matt Robinson <> - - New SPEC - Version bump