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Package Namedhcp-ldapresnet
SummaryDynamic host configuration protocol software
DescriptionDHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a protocol which allows individual devices on an IP network to get their own network configuration information (IP address, subnetmask, broadcast address, etc.) from a DHCP server. The overall purpose of DHCP is to make it easier to administer a large network. The dhcp package includes the ISC DHCP service and relay agent. To use DHCP on your network, install a DHCP service (or relay agent), and on clients run a DHCP client daemon. The dhcp package provides the ISC DHCP service and relay agent.
Built byrfranknj
State complete
StartedThu, 08 Jul 2010 16:33:35 EDT
CompletedThu, 08 Jul 2010 16:39:19 EDT
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Changelog * Thu Jul 08 2010 Russ Frank <> - - Adding reqested LEASE_HASH_SIZE patch * Tue May 25 2010 Orcan Ogetbil <> - - Update to 4.1.1. Specfile rebased on Fedora's dhcp-4.1.1-21.fc13 * Fri Oct 23 2009 Naveen Gavini <> - - Removed Obsoletes dhclient * Mon Oct 19 2009 Orcan Ogetbil <> - - Replace provides: dhclient with versioned obsoletes/provides * Mon Oct 19 2009 Naveen Gavini <> - - Removed p1 from versioning. * Tue Sep 29 2009 Brian Schubert <> - - Updated to version 4.1.0p1 - Created new resnet patch for this version - Note: Started with new spec file (from Fedora koji) * Fri Jul 17 2009 Brian Schubert <> - - Updated to version 3.1.2p1 - Rename package to dhcp-ldapresnet - Added ldap and resnet patches (needed to create new resnet patch) - Added PREDEFINES and LDAPLIB to site.conf - removed -Werror from COPTS - Modified Requires/BuildRequires - Modified options patch to work with 3.1.2 - Removed Fedora ldap patch and ldap patch script - Removed warnings patch