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Package Namerrdtool
SummaryRound Robin Database Tool to store and display time-series data
DescriptionRRD is the Acronym for Round Robin Database. RRD is a system to store and display time-series data (i.e. network bandwidth, machine-room temperature, server load average). It stores the data in a very compact way that will not expand over time, and it presents useful graphs by processing the data to enforce a certain data density. It can be used either via simple wrapper scripts (from shell or Perl) or via frontends that poll network devices and put a friendly user interface on it.
Built byschubert
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StartedTue, 06 Jan 2009 09:44:12 EST
CompletedTue, 06 Jan 2009 09:54:03 EST
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Changelog * Tue Jan 06 2009 Brian Schubert <> - - Removed --enable-ruby from configure options * Fri Aug 29 2008 David Diffenbaugh <> - 1.2.28-1 - first rutgers release