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Package Namexorg-x11-drv-radeonhd
SummaryXorg X11 radeonhd driver for AMD GPG r5xx/r6xx Chipsets X11 radeonhd driver for AMD GPG r5xx/r6xx Chipsets. This package is a snapshot of a work in progress. You may experience regressions, bugs, errors, broken displays, and other undesirable phenomena. radeonhd mailing list: Built from git commit: 8c6d1b46b70ae19fafb5484c238a74cca18d5990
Built byschubert
State complete
StartedTue, 23 Dec 2008 16:22:26 EST
CompletedTue, 23 Dec 2008 16:32:24 EST
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Changelog * Sat Mar 01 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.0-0.7.20080301git - Add dependency on xorg server on F9 to prevent ABI compatibility issues (#431176) - Reflect R5xx partial 2D acceleration support in README.fedora - New snapshot (upstream commit 8c6d1b46b70ae19fafb5484c238a74cca18d5990): - 8c6d1b46: conntest: add new ids. - 294cf1f6: Fix test for RS6XX in RHDMCSetup(). - 1b3f3c9c: Add connector table flag for X1400 (0x7145, 0x1297, 0x3058). - a23b1123: Loop over all CRTCs when shutting down memory access. - 8432cb08: Add quirk table entry for Diamond Viper Radeon X1650 Pro - 5ba5f4b5: Include description for acceleration options. - eee9b718: Fix typo in patch adding DradonFlyBSD support. - f89bac58: Add support for DragonFlyBSD. - 1223e40a: Add debugging to rhd_conntest.c - 1e8637b1: Changing R6XX_MC_VM_MISC_OFFSET to R6XX_HDP_NONSURFACE_BASE. - 854ce3b2: Make DDC for panels work on MacBook Pro's. - 247d4263: Set up GPIO pin HW access for DDC testing in rhd_conntest. - 23a47ec0: Restore VGA after restoring the CRTCs. - 74eacf3e: Make sure GRAPH and CRTC engine are disabled before changing surface. - 2b16734b: Set GPIO pins to be HW driven on R5xx for HW controlled I2C. - 2feff5cb: Add wait for memory idle state. - e0d58784: Handle LVTMA_TRANSMITTER_ENABLE identically on R5/6xx. - 1849092e: Add connector information for a Sapphire Radeon HD 2600 PRO AGP (PnPID: 0x9587:0x1002:0x0028). - 7527df07: Revert "PATCH: Report PANEL as disconnected when no modes are available" - 3d29d4ce: PATCH: Report PANEL as disconnected when no modes are available - cd6a4b89: typo fix in DPI guessing code - 1a503c59: Update ObjectID.h - 8640be8e: Update atombios.h * Sat Feb 16 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.0-0.6.20080216git - New snapshot (upstream commit a9af866ae712a0048d374dc640e482d1f4ce8859): - a9af866a: Prevent endless loop in connector table parser. - 80c7c9e5: Fix device ID for 0x7187, 0x174B, 0x3000 in cards table. - bef7f09c: Ask people to not only send in their log file but also to describe their problem. - bde5fbbf: Added 'HPD swap' flag for 0x7187, 0x174B, 0x300. - 7606be1a: Fully implement the SaveScreen() function. - 748de840: VGA: bitten by pScrn->videoRam in kB instead of B again. - cbbd54a2: Fix blaning problem in bug #13853. - f37d4cb9: Don't make assumptions about DDC clk line on RS690 when AtomBIOS is not available. - dc519eb2: Need to include string.h in r5xx_exa.c * Sun Feb 03 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.0-0.5.20080203git - New snapshot (upstream commit caa10014d115a49a59b4a2aef6ce36a4e615556a): - Basic EXA/XAA for R5xx - Add PowerColor X1550, PCP X1600 400M/500E, R680 (HD3870 X2) - 7cab021c: Improve FB handling - e0cfbcd5: Add AccelMethod Option and related handling - 5829bff7: TMDSA: Add control value for 71C4 - 7cb27bca: Add RHD_CARD_FLAG_HPDOFF flag, improve quirk entries for T60p - 32d1b4d9: If no EDID is available, assume 96dpi on the first (preferred) mode - ad50eaa0: Correct order of mask and value in ROM access code - 0f066c20: Implemented PLL functions for CAIL, fixed MC - 361ba486: Change heuristics to check for an unPOSTed card - 72e7b062: Fix some issues when reading PCI ROM on POSTed systems - a412d582: Read PCI BIOS on secondary R5xx cards * Thu Jan 03 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.0-0.3.20080103git - New snapshot (upstream commit 4e488a349c862da2e27f6025d376fb2b63db3bf9): - Enable FB location fix for r5xx. - Fix PLLControlTableRetrieve() loop. * Fri Dec 28 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.0-0.2.20071228git - New snapshot (upstream commit fcf15c8facb7c2c1a4a2513f3f84537f3f35c6a1): - (Some?) RV670 support - c036b819: Only report unknown cards IF they have issues. - b9277bfc: Check for loaded fglrx kernel module. - 765f5972: Man page describes all RandR properties - 2b3928c6: Fix "messed up colours" issues after suspend/resume - ... * Wed Dec 19 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.0.0-0.4.20071219git - New snapshot (upstream commit 861debbf8d649ce09d53d5880f819757ac9c7814) - 861debbf: Make the driver build with the latest ustream git server sources again. - 9120f95f: Delete a spurious when doing make clean. - e98195bd: Don't fail immediately when git-rev-parse fails. - 6d9a6709: IDs: Asus M2A-VM should now no longer need a connector table. - 521bcace: DxGRPH: Fix graphics engine colour issues (hopefully). - 47f8a6f7: Add support for HDMI connectors. - 21e1c6c4: Get EDID block for panels from AtomBIOS even if there is a special Mode. - 492e94c3: LVDS: Fix 18/24 bit dithering and disable spatial dither. - 55f89f69: LVDS: Fix FPDI handling. - ef51931a: HPD pin swapping logic. - 9741c5be: TMDSA: properly add macro control for 0x7149 (M56) - dcfd91c2: TMDSA/B: add macro control values for 0x71C6 (RV530) - c784c92a: TMDSA: add macro control for 0x7147 (M56) - 5acefe5c: ID: 0x724B: Sapphire Radeon X1900 GT - 1a1d110f: Restore: Fix VGA textmode restore when VSYNC length is 0. * Wed Dec 12 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.0.0-0.3.20071212git - New snapshot (upstream commit b991fe3d884a51e236f895c41b0ba1b06127f7dd): - b991fe3d: DACs: Properly set up and save/restore SYNC_SELECT. - bb12148c: Added Asus M2A-VM (RS690 based) to quirks table. - 87f8f8e9: Add Gigabyte HD 2600 XT to quirks table. - b0cb8aec: Don't check for connector type for DMS-59 detection (RandR case). - affbdf54: Additional checks for cursor size in UseHWCursor(). - 09b4dea7: Only reload cursor image if there is one. - dc7fe476: Broken connector table: GeCube Radeon HD 2400 AGP: proper fix. - ae46a18d: TMDSA/B: 9587 electrical values. - 030f715c: Fix 13509: Xserver crash when RandR finds no modes. - c01edd52: Improve scanning of panning area specification. Pan to area on setting it. - 42a07a0d: Re-create Atoms for properties in CreateResources. - 6d0c7c32: Add panning in RandR mode. - Ship new ChangeLog file. * Sun Dec 09 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.0.0-0.2.20071209git - New snapshot (upstream commit e399d16597e30a6c53c8f70aa122285615fe7d08) - Fix blank screen occuring in some cases. - Initial RS600 support. - Sync and LUT fixes. - Add useful DPI calculation. - Relax xorg-x11-server-utils requirement: Only for F-8 and later, no %{dist}. * Fri Nov 30 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.0.0-0.1.20071130git - New snapshot (upstream commit 9fe776edf44c40d06e0059878df4f37391409c66 aka 1.0.0) - Significantly improve README and radeonhd(4) man page. - Add a number of connector table workarounds. - Several messages fixed or toned down. * Thu Nov 29 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.4-0.2.20071129git - New snapshot (upstream commit 8b1b8bfb21d2d86780cb4e02abc813578daa24bd): - RandR 1.2 support with hotplugging of monitors. - R600 LVDS: RS690M, M72, M74 and M76 devices. - Fixed "white screen" bug. - Numerous fixes and new support for features. - Preserve source file timestamps where possible. * Fri Nov 16 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.18.20071116git - New snapshot (upstream commit dbb073b8b314264e311c3a1ebecd13d93e9627a6): - Macbook Pro PCI ID based workaround for awkward AtomBIOS connector table. - TMDSA: create a table for electrical adjustments. - Fix bug submission URL in README.fedora. * Tue Nov 13 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.17.20071113git - New snapshot (upstream commit 6f1800ca52531f5baf3df2e65a7bbd93e4b1e637): - LVTMA TMDS: Add initial TMDS support for r5xx. - TMDS B: Add table with macro control values. - Loosen requirements on xorg-x11-server-{Xorg,sdk} from 1.3 to 1.1 (FC6, EL5). - Require pkgconfig for building (not in EL5 default buildroot). - Adapt references to rhd_conntest in filesystem. - Fix git:// URL in README.fedora. * Sun Nov 11 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.16.20071105git - Updated README.fedora. - Improved git commit log message. - First F-7 and F-8 builds. * Mon Nov 05 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.15.20071105git - New snapshot (upstream commit e9c24f662860229440dc61ecbae22e7d7c74d442): - Improve online help in rhd_conntest. - Use correct variable for DDC speed setting on R6xx, fix some warnings. - Add git version to program output (we emulate that). - Ship rhd_conntest source, and build it (we also install it). * Wed Oct 31 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.14.20071031git - New snapshot (upstream commit ad599c4436c64b11d18c89da6a684f5241979a96): - Fix 1650Pro PLL gain control. - Improve connector handling. - Stow away radeonhd.xinf generator for possible later use. * Tue Oct 30 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.13.20071030git - Do not #include <sys/io.h> in rhd_conntest.c (fix PPC build). * Tue Oct 30 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.12.20071030git - New snapshot (upstream commit f3a2530cea981c6b4c88ec85093032ea152ed47f): - #include standard headers in corner cases (supposed to fix FC6 build) * Sun Oct 28 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.11.20071028git - New snapshot (upstream commit 604bfb02cefa5f56b40aea2dc3256f09836121a4): - Added ID for Radeon HD 2600 LE (RV630). - Be smarter about the xorg.conf monitor section by selectively ignoring it. - Fix mode instability when returning to VT on some mobilities. * Thu Oct 25 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.10.20071025git - New snapshot (upstream commit d8cb8a2a8315f86fae0266f58ee30b609c81d510). - Remove man page patches (man page is upstream now). * Tue Oct 23 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.9.20071023git - New snapshot (upstream commit 8699deaba2c920a3df35acfea49360888868becb). - Add bug report section to README.fedora. * Sat Oct 20 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.8.20071020git - New snapshot (upstream commit 3579bdddd95dc6f129e57bcf05cbd8b9b375940f). - Cleaned up snapshot script. - Package rhd_conntest utility when building snapshot package. - Add simple man page. - Add README.fedora file. * Wed Oct 17 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.2-0.7.20071017git - New snapshot (upstream commit d03841b4950b3b827b3c42507e01767d0569391f). - Use upstream's version 0.0.2. - Trade in ThinkPad backlight key fix for non-broken mode on lid event. * Mon Oct 15 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 0.0.1-0.6.20071015git - Hard-code version at 0.0.1 until upstream have figured out what they want. - Names of snapshot tarballs now contain timestamp. - Static definition of %{date}, optionally updated by snapshot script. - Non-executable snapshot script. * Mon Oct 15 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.1-0.5.20071015git - Use %{driverdir} where possible. - Include script in SRPM. - Trimmed Description. - Removed unnecessary -n from %files. - Removed ".fc8" from changelog entries. - Improved comment on %define snapshot. * Mon Oct 15 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.1-0.4.20071015git - New snapshot (needs less patches). * Sun Oct 14 2007 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <> - 1.1.1-0.3.20071014git - Initial Fedora RPM package.